Do the Same Folks Who Avoid a Covid Vaccination also Avoid the 401k

Do Those Who Avoid Covid Vaccination Also Avoid the 401(k)?

Do the Same Folks Who Avoid a Covid Vaccination also Avoid the 401(k)?

Is There a Link Between Covid Vaccine Hesitancy and 401(k) Participation?

If you read this blog, we’ll bet dollars to donuts you have already been vaccinated against Covid. Intelligent, interested people are the type that will read blogs and also will get vaccinated to protect themselves, their families, and their community.

We suspect there will be studies that identify the psychodynamics of people who refuse to get vaccinated despite overwhelming evidence that the covid vaccinations are effective and safe. We have been in the 401(k) business for over 30 years and heard every possible reason some workers give for not joining the 401(k) when they can afford it. Some people don’t even join when their employer offers them a “no-strings-attached” company match. That is free money, yet some stupid people find obscure and irrational reasons for not joining in. And yes, we consider these people stupid, ignorant, and dangerous. They are less likely to participate in a 401(k) or save money for their future and less likely to get a covid vaccination.

How stupid and unrealistic do you have to be to avoid saving money when you have the resources to do it? We don’t understand how “dumb-dumbs” like these people get and hold down a good job.